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248-543-3566 28931 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI 48072


The Activator Method

The Activator Method is an advanced chiropractic technique that Dean Chiropractic utilizes to offer patients a safe, effective, and gentle solution to a wide array of problems. Doctors Christophe Dean and Jon Dean are strong proponents of ensuring their patients have superior and highly effective approaches, such as the Activator Method, for best treatment and outcomes. […]

Cold Laser Therapy Promotion

“Cold Laser” is a pain free, non-surgical alternative to pain relief used by the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings to speed up the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. Dean Chiropractic wants you to experience the Cold Laser benefits. For a limited time, new clients to Cold Laser therapy will enjoy 5 cold […]

Chiropractic Care for Emotional Issues

Chiropractic care offers benefits for alleviating emotional issues including: depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. These conditions plague millions of Americans each year. Dean Chiropractic expert chiropractic care can help bring relief to you or your loved ones longstanding emotional imbalance. How Emotional Difficulties Affect You Physically When we experience stress, the body tenses up. Muscles […]