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Decompression – Bulging in Back

As back and spine specialists, we treat many patients with disease of spinal discs. Intervertebral (spinal) discs are soft spacers between vertebrae (bones of the spine) that allow movement of spinal joints. Over time, repeated injuries and bad posture will damage these discs causing them to dry out and lose their flexibility. Much like a dry sponge would crack and break if it were repeatedly folded, the dried out disc will also develop cracks; eventually resulting in a break or a bulging in back of the disc. This disc failure can cause severe, chronic low back pain, neck pain, or sciatica (severe, disabling buttock and leg pain).

Rehydrating (pulling fluid back into) the disc can stop and reverse this damage and eliminate the pain without the need for back surgery. To accomplish this, the back and spine specialists at Dean Chiropractic use a disc decompression procedure called Cox Flexion/distraction. Cox Flexion/distraction is a gentle form of micro-traction that targets just the diseased disc to reverse the bulging in back of the disc by gently separating the bone above and below the targeted disc. The size of the opening through which the nerve must pass has been shown to increase by as much as 25% with this procedure. As the bones separate even a small amount, the pressure on the nerve is lifted, and immediate relief is experienced. The pressure inside the disc is also lifted, and the “decompressed” disc pulls fluid back into the disc much as a turkey baster sucks water as you release the bulb. The soft (nucleus) inner disc filling that has bulged out and is painfully pressing on the nerve is also drawn back in resulting in still more and more long-lasting relief.

Surgery and opioid drugs are risk-filled options of “last resort” and should only be considered when all other avenues have failed. Spinal decompression, Cox Flexion/distraction, is a proven, safe, comfortable and effective procedure that results in rapid relief of pain and a reversal in the bulge in back of the discs which allows patients to avoid surgery and addictive medication. If you have a recent MRI and want to know if spinal decompression, Cox Flexion/distraction is right for you, call us for a free review of your MRI by our back and spine specialists.