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Physical Therapy at our Family Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic physical therapy is a vital component in treating musculoskeletal injuries and as a family chiropractic center, we custom design our programs for all ages.  At Dean Chiropractic, we incorporate custom-designed chiropractic physical therapy programs for our patients depending on the condition we are presented with.  These chiropractic physical therapy programs are most often performed by the patient in the comfort of their own home.  This not only saves the patient money and visits on their insurance, but allows them the convenience of performing these stretches and exercises when it is convenient for them time wise.  Our custom designed PT programs are emailed to patients with videos demonstrating the proper technique and set up of how to perform them.  Any needed equipment is also provided for the patient.

Chiropractic physical therapy at our family chiropractic center is generally broken down into two different types, stretches to elongate scar tissue, ligaments and tendons and exercises to strengthen muscles. The key to most physical therapy programs is to begin with mobilization which is where stretching comes in.  Many other back and spine specialists make the mistake of trying to incorporate strength building too early and this can not only flare up symptoms but actually raise the risk of the problem returning in the future. We rarely want to build strength around an injury until mobility is first restored.

Once mobility of the injured area has been restored, strength building to increase stability and resilience is then performed.  This is where we will start the patient on chiropractic physical therapy exercises to begin restoring strength.  We custom build these programs based around the injury at hand. As back and spine specialists we will most commonly design core strength building programs around the spine. Being a family chiropractic center means we also frequently treat children, so we are also experienced in developing programs around strengthening other commonly injured areas such as the shoulder, elbow, knee and hip which are more common injuries in kids.