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Spinal Orthotics – Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Spinal orthotics are one of the many lower back pain relief products we utilize at Dean Chiropractic in order to reduce pain and achieve long term corrections of many spinal abnormalities. Spinal orthotics are also frequently used for the neck and mid back as well and are primarily used to change the curvature (aka lordosis) in the spine that are responsible for evenly distributing load, such as the force of gravity, throughout the spine.  Abnormal curvatures in spine, such as exaggerated curves or the loss of a curve, are some of the more common postural issues that lead to neck and low back pain, degenerative arthritis, and other disc injuries.

The first step to determining the need for a lower back pain relief product, such as an orthotic, is to get diagnostic imaging of the injured area.  X-rays are the most commonly used study and are typically done on the patient’s neck or low back in our office on their initial exam.  X-rays are one of the safest and most cost-effective ways of seeing what a patient’s spinal curves look like and enable the doctor to correctly prescribe an orthotic to either decrease or increase these curvatures in the spine, taking them toward a more ideal shape.

Spinal orthotics, unlike other lower back pain relief products, do not need to be worn outside of the house or under clothes. In fact, spinal orthotics should be thought of more as a retainer to correct misaligned teeth rather than a brace to limit motion. These orthotics are most often laid upon on a hard surface for up to 20 minutes a day. With regular and consistent usage, we can use these orthotics to gradually change the shape of the spine and take unwanted pressure off of discs, nerves, and joints in order to give patients a much longer term correction providing longer and even indefinite relief from their symptoms without relying on temporary and potentially dangerous medications or surgeries.