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Thoracic and Postural Disorders can cause Pain in Center of Back

In today’s work and school environment, one of the most common positions has become seated in front of a computer. This posture leads to the head, neck and shoulders rounding forward and often promotes locking and lack of extension in the mid back area as well as motor weakness. This condition is commonly referred to as upper cross syndrome and it often presents itself as pain in center of back or between the shoulder blades.  This is a very common condition that responds very well to chiropractic.

Our first priority is to alleviate the persons pain in the center of back by restoring motion to that area of the spine. This lack of mobility commonly leads to drying and thinning of the thoracic discs, muscular weakness, inflammation and eventually chronic pain in the center of the back.  Restoring healthy extension to the thoracic allows the discs to rehydrate, the muscles to flex and move as they were designed, and for irritation and inflammation around sensitive nerves to be reduced.

Once mobility has been restored with a combination of spinal adjustments and chiropractic physical therapy to stretch scar tissue, we must work to change posture by strengthening the spine in certain areas to prevent the pain in center of back from returning or becoming chronic.  This is accomplished with a combination of upper and mid back strengthening exercises and the use of spinal orthotics (link) to change abnormal curvatures in the spine to healthy ones.  This can also commonly alleviate other upper cross associated symptoms such as neck pain and headaches.