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chiropractic care for seniors

Chiropractic Care and Senior Health

Growing older brings new challenges to the body. The decrease in mobility and imbalance is so gradual that the change can be barely noticeable until you go to reach for something on a top shelf. Few people realize that a chiropractor is able to follow your declining muscle strength and take steps to improve. Seniors […]

strong core

Ways Strengthening Your Core can Help Your Back

People can get obsessed with fighting flabby arms, thick thighs, and bulging tummies. But, if you stop and think about these body parts, another thought should come to mind. Your core is the place that holds all the glue together to begin a healthy workout. Without a strong core, nothing can be improved. The core […]

types of arthritis

2 Types of Arthritis: How They Impact You and What You Need to Know

Arthritis can be a devastating condition that affects everyday life. We often think of muscle aches and joint pain as generalized symptoms of arthritis, but this disease is much more complex in nature. There are two distinct types of arthritis that often fail to be recognized as what they are, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. By […]

Plantar Fasciitis exercises

The Best Exercises For Plantar Fasciitis

If you are a person who happens to spend plenty of time on your feet each day, as parents and teachers often do, you may find yourself experiencing a foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. A painful condition that you notice especially when you first get out of bed each morning or when you stand […]

Is sitting the new smoking

How Sitting is the New Smoking

Scientists and researchers spend millions of dollars each year on studies of how smoking is a deadly habit. I think we have all come to accept the overwhelming evidence that smoking can and does damage the lungs. While more studies continue to flow, the general public does not seem to be bouncing back as quickly […]

new chiropractic technologies

How Emerging Technologies Are Supporting Chiropractic Education

In modern chiropractic treatment, hands-on, manual manipulations still rule the day. However, new technologies are constantly emerging and being embraced both in the clinical setting and within the chiropractic education and training sector. A primary area of cutting-edge tech that’s transforming chiropractic education is laser, ultrasound, nerve system diagnostics and simulation equipment. It’s worth noting […]

Chronic Inflammation

Can Chiropractic Help to Manage Inflammation?

Inflammation is a major topic in health circles because of how large a role it plays in several serious diseases. It is associated with some of the world’s most feared diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It plays a significant part in Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis as well. The problem of chronic inflammation is […]

muscle soreness

What Causes Muscle Soreness After Working Out

The good news about muscle soreness after exercise is that it’s a normal and often expected outcome of a rigorous workout. It almost never indicates a long-term problem or a serious underlying condition. More good news is that muscle soreness is an indication that you just completed an effective workout that will benefit you in […]

Tidying Up Without the Strain

Tidying Up Without the Strain

If you have ever wondered how someone could work for a housekeeping service without being totally whipped by the end of the day, it’s time to sit down with a cup of coffee and listen. Housekeeping is as simple or as hard as you make it. Every chore has a routine that we fall into. […]