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How Does Chiropractic Care Help During Pregnancy

pregnant chiropractic care

Every part of your body is involved in prenatal health. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re addressing aches, pains, and discomfort from head to toe. You’ve probably spent hours researching things like proper diet and exercise for these special pregnancy months. However, you may be feeling surprised by aches and pains that are cropping up as you move along in your pregnancy.

Things like hip pain, back pain, pelvic pain, and headaches are common in pregnant women. In fact, roughly 50 percent of pregnant women experience back pain. It can feel like you’re being forced to “relearn” the way you move, walk, and exercise just to avoid injury as your body changes during pregnancy. Even the way your body learns to adjust to new sleeping positions to compensate for a growing abdomen during pregnancy can create painful issues in the hips and legs. No, pain isn’t something that simply needs to be accepted as part of pregnancy. Your pregnancy should be a time to thrive and feel your best!

Many women turn to chiropractic care in search of natural ways to treat pregnancy pain. In fact, 75 percent of women who seek chiropractic care for pain during pregnancy report finding relief. Special techniques are used to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and stomach area during treatments and adjustments. Let’s explore some of the ways that chiropractic care can benefit you during pregnancy.


What Causes Back and Joint Pain in Pregnancy?

Many physical and hormonal changes contribute to pain or discomfort during pregnancy. Factors like the relaxation of ligaments, shifts in posture, a shift in your center of gravity, and weight gain can all contribute to pregnancy discomfort. You may notice that your gait pattern has shifted as your pregnancy has progressed. Unfortunately, the process of growing accustomed to your changing body paired with the fact that your ligaments may be more pliable can result in injuries. Let’s discuss some of the specific pains that women often address through chiropractic care during pregnancy.


Lower-Back Pain

Lower-back pain is one of the most common complaints among pregnant women. Unfortunately, the increasing stress that is placed on your spine during nine months of fetal growth can result in pain. The pressure that is felt in the lower back region can be exacerbated by the fact that you may be using compensatory movements in your muscles as your body adjusts to changes.


Round Ligament Pain

The ligaments of the uterus expand as the uterus expands during pregnancy. This can lead to a very sharp pain that radiates throughout the abdomen and pubic area. Round ligament pain is one of the most common sources of pregnancy pain.


Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated during pregnancy. It’s possible that your growing baby could be creating pressure that is compressing your sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain often radiates throughout the lower back and legs.


Hip Pain

Hip pain is very common during pregnancy. The relaxation of ligaments during pregnancy can allow joints that are typically very stable to shift. Unfortunately, joint movement can put stress on ligaments and muscles in a way that causes radiating pain. The shift from sleeping on your stomach or back to resting on your side can also contribute to hip pain during pregnancy.

These are just some of the many common types of pain that women experience during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are targeted, safe chiropractic methods available to address pregnancy pain and discomfort. Leaving pain untreated can make for a difficult pregnancy. Mobility may be compromised later in pregnancy if the pain is not addressed. In addition, it’s possible that long-term damage or injuries could stem from untreated pain or compensatory habits.


What About Chiropractic Treatment for Nausea?

Many women are curious to know if chiropractic care can really treat nausea. Yes, many women have success in treating nausea naturally using chiropractic care. Realigning your spine to improve function in the nervous system can often get hormones back into balance. A simple adjustment may help you to reduce or eliminate morning sickness. In addition, a chiropractic adjustment may help with misalignment or pain resulting from the fact that you’ve been bending over due to excessive nausea and vomiting.


Can Chiropractic Care Really Help With Delivery?

Yes, there is some evidence that chiropractic care can help you to have the type of delivery you’re hoping to have. There are actually a few things to discuss in regards to chiropractic care and delivery. The first is that prenatal chiropractic visits can potentially shorten your labor. Research suggests that women who seek chiropractic care have labor times that are up to 31 percent shorter. The same research finds that women who seek chiropractic care to address back pain during pregnancy may reduce their chances of experiencing back labor during delivery. Chiropractic treatments can also be beneficial in helping to resolve breech presentation to avoid cesarean delivery. One study puts the success rate as high as 82 percent.


What to Expect When Making an Appointment for Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Rest assured that your health and comfort will be prioritized when you show up for a chiropractic adjustment to help with pain management and wellness during pregnancy. First, it will be necessary to make sure that no complications or symptoms are in place that could put your health at risk. You may find that communication with your prenatal care provider regarding your desire to seek chiropractic care can provide you with peace of mind. Additionally, your chiropractor will discuss your pregnancy symptoms and medical history with you prior to beginning a treatment plan.


You Don’t Have to Suffer From Pain During Pregnancy

Yes, body changes are natural and necessary during pregnancy! However, it’s not necessary to live with back, joint, and nerve pain as your pregnancy progresses. A chiropractor can help you get relief from pain that is causing limited mobility or loss of sleep. Of course, we haven’t yet addressed what just might be the biggest question weighing on your mind. Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant? According to the American Pregnancy Association, “There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.” The American Pregnancy Association also asserts that chiropractic care can provide benefits related to pain relief, prevention of cesarean delivery, control of nausea, and a healthier pregnancy.

Why not give yourself the gift of a pain-free pregnancy by seeking chiropractic care? It’s not necessary to wait until you’re in dire straits with pain during pregnancy. Seeking care for wellness support to avoid injuries that result from changes in the way your body moves and balances can help you to thrive through all nine months!

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