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Back and Spine Specialists Using the Activator Method

As back and spine specialists restoring flexibility to the joints of the spine and extremities, and getting people back to the life that they want to live, is important to us. Chiropractors use many different methods to achieve this. Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is at the top of this list as being most effective and at the same time most gentle and comfortable.

Using Activator Method, the back and spine specialists at Dean Chiropractic ask the patient to perform test maneuvers (such as placing an arm across the lower back or turning your head to the side) and look for subtle shifts in the muscles along the spine to indicate where a spinal joint is stuck (subluxated). Once a subluxated joint is identified, the doctor uses a hand-held rubber tipped instrument to apply a gentle force that returns the joint to its normal position and movement. No twisting, jerking or cracking of the spine is ever necessary.

Activator Method was first introduced nearly 60 years ago and has been under continuous development and refinement ever since. According to various estimates there are more than 100 different distinct methods or techniques chiropractors use. Activator Method, with over 23 clinical trials and hundreds of studies published in refereed journals, is among the top 3 in the amount of research that has been published proving its safety and effectiveness.

Patients prefer Activator Method because it is comfortable and brings them rapid relief and a return to activities. The back and spine specialists at Dean Chiropractic like Activator Method because it is precise, specific and consistently reproduceable and that gives us the certainty to know we can get the job done.