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Plantar Fasciitis Treated with Chiropractor Physical Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that can be treated with chiropractor physical therapy. Plantar Fasciitis is often first noticed as a sharp pain in the heel that occurs when first putting weight on the foot after having been at rest. A common complaint is the feeling of a “needle in the heel” when I first put my feet on the floor in the morning. The condition may arise from improper foot wear or activities that stress the soul of the foot such as working on ladders. These activities cause the tough tendon band on the soul of the foot to microscopically pull away from the heel bone. Over time this repeated trauma inflames the area and causes the pain. This situation may also pull out a “spur” of bone. The pain of plantar fasciitis comes from the inflammation and not so much from the spur.

Dean Chiropractic has developed a unique combination of chiropractor physical therapy techniques for rapid and lasting relief of plantar fasciitis. First and foremost is proper spinal alignment and function. There is a well-established connection between back pain and other spine and pelvic disorders and plantar fasciitis. In addition to spinal joint function, it is very important for the joints in the feet to be aligned and function normally. This is accomplished with gentle, precise adjustments to the foot and ankle bones. In many cases, this alone will result in rapid relief of pain. Low Level Laser Therapy may also be used to inhibit pain and inflammation.

To promote a healing of the tendon where it inserts into the heel bone, as part of our chiropractor physical therapy we prescribe a taping of the foot as demonstrated in the video below. The tape used is called “athletic tape.” It is 1 ½” wide and available in the athletic support and brace section of the drug store, not the wound care section. It is white cotton tape, not hypo allergenic or stretchy. Tape the foot every morning before your day starts and remove it at night so it will not injure the skin.

In cases where the damage to the foot is chronic, it may not be able to restore full strength to the foot to keep this from repeating. In that case, foot orthotics, custom fit shoe inserts may be the solution. We measure for these in the office and can fit you accurately and rapidly.