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248-543-3566 28931 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI 48072

The Activator Method is an advanced chiropractic technique that Dean Chiropractic utilizes to offer patients a safe, effective, and gentle solution to a wide array of problems. Doctors Christophe Dean and Jon Dean are strong proponents of ensuring their patients have superior and highly effective approaches, such as the Activator Method, for best treatment and outcomes.

Dr. Christophe Dean has studied with the Activator Method’s creator, Dr. Arian Fuhr, since 1978. The Dean Chiropractic team is committed to continuing education and application of the most useful and safe treatments available. The doctors are experts and avid learners, as the best teachers tend to be. Through years of continuing studies and practice, the Activator Method has stood firmly as a go-to chiropractic care solution, gentle and approachable for all types of issues.

Although the Activator Method is gentle, it still packs a powerful punch, producing results that can alleviate all sorts of spine-related problems, headaches, pinched nerves, numbness, TMJ, and many, many other tested and studied symptoms. The method employs a special tool that is spring-loaded and delivers a direct jolt, or “activation”, to a specific vertebra or area of the spine, yet it is mild and comfortable for patients. The technique resets that area of the spine and helps to set the vertebrae back into proper alignment.

With The Activator Method, the Cox Technique, and an array of other state-of-the-art, beneficial approaches, Dean Chiropractic are able to cover a wide spectrum of chiropractic care for all of their patients.

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