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Pain medications can seem like the simplest and most obvious way to treat low back pain, neck pain, or a pinched nerve. Yet, they are not necessarily the best solution to your problem. When your chiropractor finds the underlying cause of your pain, you can deal with it directly rather than covering it up.

Pain Has a Message to Tell

Usually, when you have pain, it signals that something is wrong with your body. You might have sciatica, a herniated disc, or even TMJ. Your chiropractor can examine you and determine what that message is.

Pain Medications Can Cause More Problems Than They Solve

Taking medication to relieve the pain of a herniated disc or a pinched nerve may give you some temporary relief. However, it can also cause you to become dependent on the medication. The medication can impair your ability to function normally, increase your risk of depression, and cause a rebound effect that causes you more pain than you started with when your initial problem presented. The bottom line is that your condition is not improved.

Masking Symptoms Often Leads to Re-Injury

When you don’t experience the pain of a problem you still have, you may not realize your condition is not cured. You may try to move the way you are used to moving without exercising the caution you should when you have an injury.

What to Do

If you suffer from sciatica, herniated disc, TMJ, or low back pain with pregnancy, see your chiropractor for an examination and safe and effective pain management. With options like the Cox Technique, Cold Laser Therapy, and The Activator Method, you can not only feel better, but you can also have a healthier spine. To learn more about chiropractic care offered at Dean Chiropractic, please visit our website or give us a call to learn more or make an appointment.

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